This project is about social anxiety. I started researching from a personal example of my friend.
Public: My friend Anna.
Problem: Isolation at home, interaction with the world through gadgets, books and internet.
Brief summary: Anna is 30 y/o, she finished top college and studied hard. Since then she is spending all her time at home, reading books, Wikipedia, articles on the web, watching shows and movies. She is one of the smartest person I know but it doesn’t give her any confidence. She never worked and is afraid of that.

This problem is very common and with all the technologies and services we have these days it creates a picture of our near future where we woudn't need to go outside and would be able to make everything from home. The dark side of it is that people lose empathy and ability to communicate. I created an ontograph where I explored the problem and tried to narrow the area of research. I wanted to concentrate on communication and illusion of it. Lots of young people are texting and are communicating through social media that often is just an illusion of real communication.
I asked Anna to write me a calendar of one day that is very typical for her. She wrote all her day activies and I categorised them into:
1. communication with friends and family

2. communication with random people
3. getting new information (learning, getting new experience)
4. uncomfortable situations
Blue stands for virtual experience and pink for real life offline situations.
From that picture I saw that she didn't have any uncomfortable situations and most of her experience was online. I think these two facts are connected. She created a world of her own that was her comfort zone. But a person can develop only when he leaves his comfort zone.

While I was doing this project Anna surprisingly found a job! It was a miracle!
I asked her to make a calendar of her day when she was working and I got a completely different picture.
This picture shows that she communicates a lot offline now and it creates some uncomfortable situations. But she told me she learned a lot from them.
Ironically her job locked with the way my project was developing. She is now working in marketing research and meets a lot of random people for focus groups. She has to analize their reactions and emotions.

My reasearch also narrowed to human emotions and emojis that people use to epress them.
Technology and gadgets changed the way people interact with each other nowadays. With so many ways to communicate we seem to be loosing the most important human part of it.
I created a mock-up of an App that helps people to make communication more personal by sending custom emojis instead of general basic ones. This app allows you to record a gif of your own emotion and create a library of your own emotions. While writing a message you can send the way you smile, surprise or laugh. Emotions have more nuances and can be so different - for example, there can be different kind of smiles and confusion, but basic emojis cannot catch that. That is why apart from making communication more personal, this app allows to people be more specific about emojis they use.
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