I love exploring people’s interactions with information and how different perspectives of the world are unique to a person.  I have worked in advertising agencies and design studios from Moscow to New York, creating designs for global clients including Coca-Cola, Nestle, MasterCard as well as non-profit organizations  such as NYIT Center for Sport Medicine and St. Baldrick’s Foundation.
In 2018 I was in charge of re-branding and creating all design materials for The European Procurement Forum, a United Nations event held in New York in April. In the same year, three web portals posted articles about my experience of working as a Graphic Designer.
In October 2017 I had a solo Art Show Reflections at TBG Gallery in NY where I explored self-identity and the influence of digital world on a person’s perception of reality.
In 2016 I participated in The Leading Strand, a TED Residency Project, that brought designers and scientists together to create collaboration pieces that demystify academic science. My final work in the group exhibition Neurotransmission was highlighted in  July 2016 and received wonderful media coverage.
The same year I published a number of articles and tips in magazines about web design, infographics and ways to find inspiration. And a few websites have worked with me to post articles about my work, experiences, and life in NY.  
I received my BFA in Moscow in Graphic Design Program and got my Masters at Pratt Institute in Communications Design Program in New York. My thesis was about overcoming limitations in learning processes.
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