Problem: The more technology develops the less people have to walk, move and exercise. Less exercises lead to obesity, heart diseases and degradation.
Mission Statement: The MoveMore Company is a non-profit organization that promotes sport and active lifestyle. It brings awareness to the problem of passive lifestyle and lack of exercise. Its aim is to help people change their habits and exercise more.
Target audience: office workers, people with cars, students, people who’s work prevents them from moving a lot.
Series of infographic posters.
Series of posters with moving parts to promote the idea of movement and engage the audience. To be placed in offices
and colleges.
Stairs branding.
Long poster for hallways.
Move More app allows to: 
o track activity
o find valuable tips that help include exercises in everyday routine
o create personal running and walking routes
o track calories and weight
o add friends and encourage each other's activity by earning points and competing with each other
o read articles on healthy lifestyle topics


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